Tiny Homes

This is our legacy project. We are currently in the beginning stages of this project and are seeking corporate and private donors to finance the start-up. The Tiny Home community will be modeled like the village set up in North Milwaukee.

The Tiny Homes approved by the city of Janesville need to be 400 Sq ‘, mobile, have plumbing and secured doors. The village will be specifically for homeless veterans. The village will be surrounded by a fence and be supervised 24/7 by volunteers or veterans paid via grants secured by the State of Wisconsin.

The village will have a smaller building that teaches hygiene, finances, VA Hospital enrollment, PTSD and Suicide Awareness, etc.

Location will be on or around a bu s route. We will provide a shuttle or work closely with DAV for alternate transportation.

Location will provide hygiene supplies and living essentials.

Location will supply Breakfast and Supper on site or provide bagged lunches to take offsite if employed.

The program will have the “Rule Of 3” meaning as you probably figured out. 3 lifetimes uses of the program, each stay is limited at 2 years. Our Foundation will help with transitional housing and monthly check-in’s.

Veterans can still use other services after they have left the village.

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